Learning through Art


March 7 to March 16, 2019

Artstream is a group of 38 business people from the region that got together in 2009 to form an art investment group. The Artstream Collectors 2009 to 2019 exhibition finalises the 10-year model of collecting, learning and networking in Australian art.

Each year investors purchased art from established and emerging artists with the intention of developing a major collection focusing on Australasian contemporary art for the benefit and enjoyment of investors. Principally, the collection reflects the artists’ response to the environment, to where and how we live. The collection includes works on canvas, paper, sculpture, photography and video. The Artstream collection balances purchasing art for investment value and for art’s sake.

During the 10 years, the group has supported two art residencies and purchased works by John Worsley and Jo Bertini. Investors have visited leading contemporary artist studios including Jon Cattapan, Dean Home, Lesley Dumbrell and David Keeling. Some of the significant works in the collection are from Fred Williams, Rick Amor and Sally Gabori.

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