Mary-Jane Griggs

February 1 to March 2, 2019

In the story of modern art, pattern is musing. Yet to Griggs, pattern is fundamental to expression. One grows up surrounded with pattern - in nature, at home, on the body, everywhere.

This exhibition is the outcome of three years working with pattern. Griggs’ initial experimentation with pattern happened each evening, outside the studio, sitting and making small works that grew to total 800.

Graphia refers to a hard point or stylus that incises the surface. In this show, that surface is soft and heavy paper. Working quickly, patterns spread from larger to smaller shapes that were in turn filled with more pattern. Colour in these larger works is from Derwent pencils made from a compound of pigment, clay and wax.

Graphia is Griggs’ extended play with pattern. She intends to allow pattern to be what it is, to be enjoyed without the baggage of 20th century modernism.

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