Bones of Contention

Eddie Kneebone

Bones of Contention is a series of paintings created by the much-loved late artist Eddie Kneebone. He developed these works while undertaking his Master of Education and working as an Artist-in-residence at the Wodonga Institute of TAFE. The series of large format acrylic paintings will be exhibited at Arts Space Wodonga as part of a collaboration between Arts Space Wodonga, Murray Arts and Wodonga TAFE.

The series explores the Dreamtime period and the realities and impact of colonisation, specifically pertaining to the North East and Upper Murray Region of Victoria. The works reference specific events throughout colonisation until contemporary day. Kneebone has left the final canvas intentionally blank. “We all have a chance to assess the future and see who we have really become and who we want to be,” Kneebone said, urging us to paint our own depiction of Australia and its people tomorrow.

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