Ignite your students’ passion for their world through art

Arts Space Wodonga is a unique learning space that enhances classroom programs.

Education programs are facilitated by the gallery’s Education Officer or Curator and aim to build awareness and insight into the possibilities of art. The gallery staff work to build visual literacy and an understanding of culture and the importance of art in society.

This education resource is intended as a starting point for generating ideas and classroom activities for primary and secondary students before, during and after a visit to the exhibition. It is intended to extend the information provided in the exhibition catalogue and labels in the gallery.

Talk & Tours are tailored to meet the needs of individual groups. Programs are designed to support the F-10 Visual Arts “Exploring Ideas; Responding and interpreting” and VCE Arts and Studio Arts 1-4 as well as other areas across the curriculum as required.

The Talk and Tours are designed to strengthen conversation, problem solving and writing skills. Students are engaged through object-based learning which develops critical-thinking skills and fosters an appreciation for the visual arts in the next generation.

*Please note, Talk and Tours will recommence when the new library gallery opens in 2021.