Retrospect: Community Installation Project

Arts Space Wodonga community

The final exhibition at Arts Space Wodonga will be one in which everyone can play a part. In fact, it is an exhibition that will evolve as it is created by the community of Wodonga.

Throughout Retrospect: Community Installation Project, visitors will have the opportunity to work with local artists to leave their individual mark and record their visit to, and memories of, the space.

See the What's On page for the dates and times of workshops throughout the exhibition.

Exhibition installations by local artists


The Memory Imaginarium
Lead Artist: Vicki Luke

The Memory Imaginarium will reflect the community’s memories of Arts Space Wodonga.
This installation will feature a projection that recalls the artwork from exhibitions featured over the past 15 years, articulating the diverse creative history of the space.
A series of memory veils reflecting community thought, voice, creativity and passion will evolve over the duration of the exhibition, as interpreted by artist Vicki Luke.


Lead Artist: Susie Losch

Vanitas is a work in which the artist communicates the transience of the space, objects and people using symbols of ephemerality and transition.
Visitors to Arts Space Wodonga are invited to add to this work by making their own unique vessel from a ball of clay, which they may then place somewhere within this installation. Each of these ceramic forms will show the individual markings and fingerprints left by their creators.
Over the duration of the exhibition, the work will slowly build creating a mass of objects that are made separately and by individual artists yet stand together to form the work.


Lead Artist: Beth Peters

This collaborative installation celebrates the relationship between the people of Wodonga and Arts Space Wodonga.
A delicately executed work of string will convey the interconnected relationship by recording a traced outline or ”imprint”' of visitors’ bodies.
These tracings will be used by the artist to develop an installation using string to convey the fundamental relationship between people and place. 
Throughout the exhibition, outlines will be continuously added, leaving an individual mark and also record of this connection.

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