Friday, May 4, 2018


Exhibition references artist's own and shared identity

Arts Space Wodonga’s latest exhibition by Geelong-based artist Amber Stokie examines her own experience of being a triplet.

Through a range of mediums from performance, photography, drawing, digital collage and installation, Stokie explores her shared and individual identity in up to 25 pieces of work.

One of the more important works will be a prerecorded video of Stokie showing her writing on a wall at Arts Space where she uses her left and right hand simultaneously to write a message.

Gallery visitors can play the video back which shows Stokie asking the question her seemingly identical sister gets asked all the time - are you an artist too?

"It's not fair for people to make this assumption, but it's one that happens all the time," Stokie said.

"Thankfully my other sibling is a brother and therefore doesn't have to worry about gender identity questions," Stokie said.

Stokie has been working on this body of art for up to eight months after coming up with the idea for the exhibition about two years ago.

"My siblings and I have always shared an identity and a lot of work is around how we deal with that," she said.

One of the interactive works features the game Jenga and photographs of Stokie and her sister, Susan, glued to the wooden game pieces, which references connectedness.

The exhibition opening will be held at Arts Space Wodonga at 2pm on Saturday, May 5.

Throughout the exhibition come along with friends and family to use Arts Space Wodonga’s interactive table. Complete drawing and writing activities with both hands to see how skilled you are using your non-dominant hand.

Are you an artist too? runs from Friday, May 4 to Saturday, June 2.