Friday, June 2, 2017


Artists and friends tell an Inside Out story

It's not just about art but about friendship and support - that's the new exhibition at Arts Space Wodonga Inside Out.

Stephen Anderson, Ken Raff, Peter O’Dwyer and Eric Saros aimed their exhibition specifically towards men and men’s mental and physical states of being.

These four artists are also firm friends and meet regularly to share their experiences and art but their conversations often refer to the state of the world, their place in it and their creative response.

The exhibition title speaks of each artists long-held practice of expressing outwardly (out), by diverse creative means, that which resides within (Inside) and draws profoundly on each artists lived experience.

The exhibition includes painting, drawing sculpture and photography.

Men's Health Week falls during the exhibition and a series of activities including "broga" and mandala making will take place throughout the exhibition.

Cate Geard and Bob Dunnett are yoga teachers who will be helping to run four Broga classes in the gallery and library to tie in with Men’s Health Week which runs from June 12 to 18.

Broga, tongue-in-cheek Latin for "Bro, let's go relax and stretch.", is a men’s yoga class focusing on mind and body balance. Women are welcome to also attend.

“Yoga can be experienced on the physical, mental, emotional, and energetic levels to access and maintain radiant health on the inside as well as the outside,” yoga teacher Cate Geard said.

There will also be an interactive space throughout the exhibition where visitors can create a mandala, a circular figure that represents the universe in Hindu and Buddhist symbolism.

Artist Peter O’Dwyer will be holding a workshop specifically tailored for schools at Arts Space Wodonga. Schools should contact the gallery for more details.

The exhibition runs until June 24.

Broga will be held on June 14, 15, 21 and 24.