Friday, November 15, 2017


Art that doesn’t cost the earth

As part of this year’s Sustainable Living Festival, Arts Space Wodonga is hosting Creative and Sustainable Beings – a panel talk about the different considerations artists’ make to remain both sustainable and creative.

Held on Thursday, November 16 at 7.30pm, the panel will be an opportunity to hear from local artists, Susie Losch, Tara Welsh, Helen Carter and Sam Anderson as they discuss working with sustainable materials in a creative fashion.

Losch, whose exhibition Soap Opera is on display at Arts Space, said her art practice uses a combination of materials, textures, colours, patinas and looks at how these disparate elements have found new meaning in their current form.

Her vibrant installations talk to themes of transformation, rejuvenation and reflect upon the quiet time we all experience within the bathroom space.

Her commitment to sustainability, living from her garden, recycling and avoiding waste is rooted in her childhood, having learnt about growing food and using hand tools alongside her father.

Along with her fellow panellists, Losch will address some of the realities and struggles of developing and managing a creative art practice.

Tickets for Creative and Sustainable Beings are $10 per person, and include refreshments.

Bookings: or (02) 6022 9311.