Friday, September 1, 2017


An artist reinvented

Many artists experiment with different media early their career, but generally settle on one preferred medium and stick with that.

Not so Abi Thompson.

Abi, who lives in Wodonga in the North East of Victoria, has reinvented herself – known for her textile art for the past few decades, Abi has recently turned to watercolours, and today her first exhibition of watercolours opens in Arts Space Wodonga.

Soundscapes is an exhibition that explores the idea of another dimension within the traditional landscape. Abi describes a soundscape as the unique auditory environment that surrounds a listener and which listeners identify with a particular place – a soft breeze through fallen leaves, birdsong, the crunch of footsteps in frost-bitten grass and the murmur of a stream – that all evoke a time and an experience.

In this exhibition, Abi – who has a cochlear implant so is more sensitive to sound than most – breaks away from working with the landscape in a silent and introspective manner and returns to plein air.

She has used multiple media to engage all the senses including watercolours, gouache, monoprint overlays – even pianola rolls!

The exhibition also features a soundtrack of beautiful nature sounds called ‘The Wilds’ by composer Philip Samartzis (courtesy of the Bogong Centre for the Sound Culture).

Abi has spent much of her career as a practising artist and teacher in Albury-Wodonga, but has also contributed to workshops and festivals across Australia. She has also won several awards such as Wodonga Wearable art, Henty Field Day Natural Fibre Award, and King Valley Art Award 2015.

The Soundscapes exhibition runs until Saturday, September 30, in Arts Space Wodonga.

Other events in Arts Space Wodonga relating to the exhibition include artist talks, Wine and Watercolour workshops, and school holiday art-making workshop. Offsite there will also be an interactive Hear the Bells Toll workshops with Melbourne Museum’s Federation Handbells.

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*soundtrack available by request