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Arts Spaces: A Great Option For Your Next Event

If you have a creative arts space that serves as a second home or just for fun and recreation, then you probably know how much potential it holds. But even if you’ve never thought of turning your art space into a venue for a special event, you may be pleasantly surprised. The arts community is growing and creative artists are finding more venues that can accommodate their art collections and events. Here are some ideas for venues that are suitable for your next arts and music event.


This is a casual arts space that offers plenty of seating and tables for a laid back event. It’s not a formal event space, but if you plan to use it for an open mic evening, then the relaxed, casual atmosphere will do perfectly. This place is perfect for meetings and presentations as well as fun social gatherings like birthday parties and potlucks.

A music and dance party? If your budget is a bit on the expensive side, then this art space might just do the trick. It provides plenty of seating and an area to dance, talk and play music. If it’s a gathering with close friends and family, you can enjoy conversations over glasses of wine and great food.

If you have a creative artist in your life, they may have some ideas for venues for your next event. The arts and crafts party is a lot of fun for everyone. Paint and chalk and other arts and crafts supplies abound at local craft stores. Numerous venues host arts and crafts events. These include indoor workshops, live music and craft vendors, and outdoor concerts.


Many churches are looking for arts space for an upcoming worship service. If you have a large space, such as a multipurpose room, you could host a soul/ gospel gathering or a young adult event. The beautiful stained glass windows of the church provide the perfect backdrop for a conversation on spiritual values. Or host a children’s activity celebration and use the space to exhibit and offer activities and games that engage and inspire the children. Some venues are designed to hold church services.

Of course, if you are interested in hosting a wedding, corporate party, children’s event, company picnic, or even a simple gathering of friends, there is something to suit your needs. Most community centres and parks are equipped with a variety of meeting and social-arts facilities. Some parks have large outdoor spaces that can be utilized for a great get-together. Or find an art space that can be customized for your next event and use your community centre or park as a venue.

arts space


If you would like to purchase a permanent art space of your own, there are several options available. Local brick-and-mortar stores carry a large variety of party and art supplies. Some of these stores offer personalized consultation and hosting packages that allow you to customize your equipment, serving supplies and lighting to suit your individual needs.

There are many ways to utilize a community arts space. Many venues are designed specifically to meet specific event needs. Check local classifieds, online events and music venues for events that are scheduled near your area. If you plan on using your art space for a private party, consider how many guests you would like to serve and what types of food and beverages you would like to serve. Keep in mind that the cost of renting an art space can be considerable, so be sure to calculate all expenses ahead of time. You don’t want to be in the middle of the event and realize that you do not have enough funds to cover it.

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